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Panama offshore company formation

Panamanian corporation law is one of the most liberal and stable in the world. It has not been changed since 1927.

Offshore company in Panama and Panamanian corporations are used worldwide and are well accepted by banks, investors, governments. More than 520 000 Panama IBCs are currently registered and offer offshore services.

Panamanian offshore company services and advantages:

Panama offshore company incorporating fee schedule

               Total: €1399

Additional services

Time schedule

Normally it takes about 15 working days to register an offshore company in Panama.

Please advise if you wish to proceed with Panama offshore company formation. We will send you an invoice with wire transfer instructions.

The following will be required for the Panama IBC incorporation:
1. We will need three alternatives of proposed offshore company in Panama names and the details of directors/shareholders.
2. The details of director(s) and shareholder(s) are recorded with the Companies Registry and, therefore, are public. You may use our nominees or bearer shares if you wish to remain confidential.



  • The original copy of the public deed issued by Notary Public of Panama, whereby is notarized the Articles of Incorporation, duly authenticated by Apostille
  • Official translation into english language of the Articles of Incorporation duly authenticated by Apostille
  • Original Certification of...




  • Standard Package
  • with (1,2 or 3) Nominee Directors




  • Standard Package
  • + (1,2 or 3) Nominee Directors
  • + Nominee shareholder